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Benefits of Online & Text Giving

We understand that life is busy, and sometimes it throws you a curve ball here or there (bad weather, weekend cold, vacation... you get the picture). Well, now there's a convenient way to give tithes and offerings or donate right from your home computer.

You can give a one-time gift like you would in a regular weekend service, or you can schedule weekly or monthly transfers for your tithes and offerings - and it's at no cost to you!

You can also use your Visa or Master Card and receive rewards! Or you can have the money taken from your checking account.

Maybe you were really blessed by a guest minister over the weekend, but you didn't have any cash on you during the service... just log on and give!

You can view a record of your giving any time you'd like... not to mention you'll be saving the environment by using less paper!

Do I need an account to give?
Why do you accept credit cards?
What is the advantage of online giving?
Don't I need to physically put something in
the offering basket for God to bless it?
Is online giving risky?
Is there a fee for giving online?
What if I want to make changes to my
giving or use a different credit card?
Can I designate my giving over the tithe?
Can my online giving be reoccuring?